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The expression PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect - was born in the early 90s, popularized by the legendary DJ Frankie Bones. It perfectly captured the rave philosophy that united millions of dancefloors into a global community, brought together by music and the joy it brings.

Rave culture has never been about sales and market share. It's never been about being cool. It's never been about anything but dancing in peace, loving each other, uniting in harmony, and respecting the scene and the world and each other.

Raving is about community, not commerce. It has always been explicitly anti-capitalist. It has always been inclusive and welcoming. It has always been about people and joy and music first, last, and always.

And it is not for sale.

Insomniac's Lost Cause

There's a petition calling on Insomniac to abandon their trademark application which you can sign here

But by their own admission, Insomniac and Live Nation do not have the rights to PLUR.

In 2016, Insomniac published an article about the origins of PLUR. In that article, Insomniac correctly identifies PLUR as belonging to the rave community - not to any one individual or company. There's virtually no chance they'll be awarded this trademark after such an admission.

But it doesn't matter anyway.

When they tried to make raves illegal, we broke the law and danced.

When they tried to make raves uncool, we shrugged, broke out our glowsticks and danced.

Now they're trying to make raves their property. But that's not how raving works - and it says a lot that they don't
understand that.

(Also like every third rave flyer is some hugely recognizable trademarked image turned into a drug reference anyway, you ain't stopping us lol)

Keep dancing, ravers. PLUR is forever, raving is for all of us, and hardcore will never die.


"I'm not a lawyer, but I *am* Canadian and I know how to use the trademark search, and you didn't trademark EDC in Canada for digital representations that do not feature music so you can't sue me lol" - me

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